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    August 23, 2010
    6:00 - 6:30pm EDT  

reforms signed into law last made are now finally in place. >> you can get the consumer protection promised. >> this is really the third and final part of the new rules when it comes to how you pay your credit card bills. while there are some big benefits, the unintended consequences could also cost you down the road. look at the fine print on your credit card agreement these days. >> mindboggling. i am not going to deal with it. >> it is confusing. you do not get it or you do not have the inclination to do so. >> it is not written in language that layman can understand. >> it is not just confusing, but it is costly. mostly, it will rain in some of the punishing penalties.
question need to be better informed. if they can help us, -- >> you need to be better informed. if they can help us, that would be a great help. >> went over your limit? the penalty cannot be more than the amount exceeded, even if it was just a couple of bucks. if they increase your interest rates, they have to explain why appeared and there are no more -- to explain why. and there are no more fees for not using your card. the reforms could also help by creating new fees. the industry could stand to lose $3 billion and they will make it up somehow. >> there's probably somebody with an eye shade in a small room figure not a new algorithm. >> it will be harder for people with bad credit to get cards. those with good credit will have a harder time finding low interest rates.
pay a ig is repaid nearly $4 billion -- aig is read paying nearly $4 billion. it was giving $180 billion at the start of the financial crisis. president obama will give a speech next week about the troops drawdown in iraq. the remaining 50,000 u.s. troops will support iraqi security forces until the end of next year. in a speech to military veterans today in indianapolis, vice president joe biden called the drawdown a milestone to be celebrated. >> drawing down our troops in iraq does not mean that we are disengaging from iraq. in fact, quite the opposite is true. we are in the process of falling on president bush's proposal for
a long-term relationship. >> america's top general in iraq says that it would take a complete failure of iraqi forces to have the u.s. resume combat. a hostage situation has left nine people dead. the shooter is a former policeman and was armed with an end-16 rifle. 15 people were held hostage during the 10-hour-long standoff. he killed eight people before he was shot dead. thousands of people -- thousands of dead fish are found at the mouth of the mississippi river. officials are trying to figure out if the oil spill is responsible. in houston, there are hearings have begun on the oil spill.
it is back-to-school day for thousands of students in the metro area. for most of dc's 44,000 students, school began without a hitch. >> you cannot fix for 40 years of neglect in three and a half years, but we have shown a ton of progress. >> vincent gray was on his rounds today. he read to children at the early childhood learning center. eastern high school seniors were back in their school today. they plan to rebuild eastern next year from scratch. it is also back to school this week for the university of the district of columbia. for the first time, students can stay there in the university dormitory. >> the new student housing his actually located inside an
existing apartment complex with only a minute or two minute walk to campus. she never thought that her dorm would include a full kitchen, a walk-in closet, and this view. she is one of the first students to live in campus housing. the university recently set aside 26 rooms for a four students. -- for 84 students. >> it is literally across the street. you do not break a sweat from the front door of the property to the classroom. >> udc moves away from being solely a commuter campus. >> i had to take a bus and a long train ride. now i am much happier coming to udc and being able to stay on campus. it has given me that independent experience.
>> concerns are sure to follow about noise, trash, and partying. >> i heard from one of the neighborhoods that that was what was on to happen. i thought, oh, no. >> gloria feldman hopes that her new neighbors are polite and respectful while enjoying their new digs. >> i hope they have a good time, but not to be partying too much. >> they expect to build a couple of storms that will house 600 students. we have breaking news from anna rondell county. two women were rushed to the hospital after this crash. a pickup truck collided with of their car at the intersection of davidsonville road. the women have life-threatening
injuries. coming up, see world orlando is 5 for safety violations -- is finding it for safety violations in the death of a trainer -- is fined for safety violations in the death of a trainer. as hurricane danielle turns far east in the eastern atlantic, we will watch that and have a few showers in our immediate future. we will talk about that and the next seven days worth of whether
police say that the shooting in the lisa, va. was from a family dispute over a piece of property. authorities say that charles sponaugle opened fire killing family members. >> something ain't right. the picture is not right. >> four other people were wounded before police killed him. rescue crews discovered
that miners are led 17 days after they disappeared from two thousand feet underground. however, the euphoria was tempered after it was discovered it could take four months to dig a tunnel wide enough to take them out. and engineering firm has agreed to pay $52 million to the victims of a minneapolis bridge collapse. more than 100 claims were filed. to avoid a trial set next spring, they settled. coming up, see world is accused of intentionally disregarding the safety of its employees after the death of a trainer. find out what else investigators are saying. there are changes in our forecast for the weather.
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on new details, that killer whale at sea world that took the life of a trainer. >> a former seaworld official said that the park knew that it was dangerous. >> it happened minutes after
this home video was recorded at sea world. this killer whale grabbed the trainer by her ponytail, pulling her underwater, and stretching her until she drowned. >> it jumped up and grabbed the trainer by the waist and started shaking her violently. >> osha announced it was citing 043 safety violations, one of them will fall, for a total penalty of exciting sea world for three safety violations, one of them will fall. >> if they were put in that close proximity, it could easily happen again. >> the former seaworld safety director says that staff knew that the whale was dangerous. >> if you did in the water with her, you will come out a corpse.
>> they say symons was fired for poor performance. seaworld offered a statement. >> following her death, the park band trainers from being in the water with killer whales. hale brought down hundreds of trees. stones and damaged cars and knocked out power. >> that is a big hailstorm. there will be a few showers tonight and tomorrow and into wednesday. then it will change by the end of wednesday.
live look at what is happening outside right now. there are a few high clouds building in from the west. we will do a little bit the shower activity as we get through the next couple of days. as far as the temperature, it is mostly in the upper-70's right now. we are checking if you light showers. the farther west you go, there is more in the wave concentrated showers. no thunderstorms are expected. these are rotating down from the northwest to the southeast. the weather will remain unsettled through wednesday and then a beautiful weather pattern is expected to develop into the weekend.
it is 86 degrees at megan -- at reagan national. with these temperatures on the cool side of tomorrow, i will only be on the seven -- the in the 70's. the values will begin to climb for ragweed. the hot stuff as well removed from our area right now. temperatures will move into the upper-level lows. tomorrow may be the coolest day in washington since early june. they hit 107 degrees in dallas a couple of hours ago. there are no 90's. i cannot remember a week that we did not have any 90's in the summer forecast.
this will continue to move slowly across the area in the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine will come back later in the week. there will be a little uncertainty over head tomorrow. there may be some thunderstorms over the lower bay. but pleasant weather is working, waiting for this system to get out of the way. we have a cloudy start and there will be a chance of a shower through the day. for the next seven days, we will have a 20% chance for a shower or two showers. do you get a sense that they
are getting sick of seeing haynesworth in the headlines? >> albert haynesworth thinks that the coaches were not due to him. he was held out of the ravens game until the third period on wednesday. what is the latest? >> if saturday night was the breaking point, then today was the not-so-calm-after-the-storm. comments shocked shockwaves through their franchise. mike maddon and came readied for questions today. >> if you want to talk about football, we will talk about football.
but talking about things outside of football is completely ridiculous. >> there was no avoiding haynesworth's for words. , theysaturday's loss downplayed an illness that kept a matter practice last week. >> he has been here for six practices. we had 44 practices added up. he just has to get going. that is all. >> he, like all the other players, is turning a new page. >> certain things should stay within a locker room. the media does not always see everything, attending meetings, doing all the things that he would walk every football player to do in order to be successful.
>> haynesworth did not talk to the media today. there is some more trauma. jonathan mcnabb got out of practice with a cast on his ankle. >> we have been watching stephen strasbourg. keisters some -- he threw some yesterday with no pain. the results of his mri just shows you that there will have another mri in athe next couple of days. the general manager addressed the media a short while ago. >> the mri shows more of what is in theire. for us to do it in 72 hours, it gives us a chance to calm down. >> the hottest team in this
town may be the washington [unintelligible] they get the no. 1 seed in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. there will play atlanta in the first-round of the playoffs. >> i hope they bring some good, to that arena. -- good karma to that arena. what is the latest on the political pulse? >> president obama has been touting education reform and jobs, calling teachers the single most important ingredient in the education system and essential to the american work force. despite rocky relations between the white house and teachers' unions, after massive layoffs earlier this year, obama seems to have called a truce with the powerful democratic allies and in time for the next
we are relishing what you told us about the weekend. >> yes. there are a few showers chances tonight and tomorrow and again on wednesday. there is a beautiful weekend ahead. >> see
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